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Component Blending with E-Weighing Pan

The R&S component blending line is used in connection with several bale openers and can consist from 2 to 6 components. The component blending is able to process all fibre types which are fed into the machine by a feeding table.


R&S bale openers are equipped with an electronic weighing pan, which opens and closes pneumatically. The e-weighing pan allows to control the blend and to equalise variations in weight.


One complete line is equipped with the required number of bale openers with conveyor belt and direct connected blending opener. The single fibre components are laid down side by side and brought into the blending opener by the conveyor belt, where the fibres are pre-opened.




Features of the R&S Component Blending:

  • Can be installed at an existing line or at any other line from another supplier
  • Low maintenance, no doors
  • No special parts, you can buy nearly all parts everywhere
  • E-weighing pans are fitted at the machine
  • Short installing and start up time
  • Weighing pan out of stainless steel
  • Optionally the complete line can be delivered completely in stainless steel version




Working widths in mm: 800 - 3,000
Length of feeding table in mm: 1,000 - 10,000
Fibre types: All
Fibre lengths: Up to 200 mm
Weighing cycles/min: Up to 5/min
Filling capacity/cycle in gram: 50 - 4,000





Features of the Electronic Weighing Pan

  • Control of the weighing feeder by a central panel with digital display. It display the status of all weighing feeders
  • Setting of different filling weights in percent
  • Setting and display of spiked apron speed and final weight, course and fine filling
  • Display of total number of cycles
  • Display of production per hour
  • Warning message in case of dropping fault, excessive under- or overweight
  • Automatic balance of x weighing cycles
  • Computation of total number of cycles, weights and deviation from present values
  • Setting of maximum weight deviation
  • Percentage regulation for each pan
  • Complete production control
  • Management of recipes



R&S Component Blending with E-Weighing Belt
Drawing of 3-K Line

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