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The R&S bale opener has been designed for a regular feeding of an opening machine and processes all type of fibres. This machine has the required robustness to open compressed bales at the beginning of a preparation line.


Working widths in mm: 800 - 4,000
Production capacity: Up to 1,200 kg/meter working width, depening on opening degree and fibres



Features of the Bale Opener:

  • The fibre bales can be fed into the bale opener complete or in layers
  • Optional the complete bale can be fed by a bale tipper, which puts the bale onto the feeding table 
  • Standard feeding table length is 3,000 mm with drive back switch
  • The fibres are transported to the blending triangle, while the fibre level is controlled by an in height adjustable light barrier
  • The blending triangle is responsible for an even blending of the fibre components
  • The speed of the needle lattice is continuously adjustable
  • The back stripping roller provides a perfect removing of fibres from the descending section of the needle lattice
  • Easy service
  • No doors
  • Direct mounted and individual drives
  • Fits into a container without dismantling


Special Editions:

  • Equipped with suction funnel + ventilator
  • Equipped with vibration chute + integrated fine opener
  • Equipped with bale tipper
  • Feeding table in steel pipe edition instead of belt for wide machines
  • Different types of needle lattices according to fibres
  • Adjustable speed for backstripping and doffing roller
  • Additional conveyor belt after feeding table instead of sliding plate



R&S Bale Opener
Drawing of Volumetric Bale Breaker

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