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The fibre preparation process describes the operations carried out to allow an efficient feeding to the carding. Hereby, it is important that a sound opening and blending of the fibres is guaranteed. These fibres could be chemical or natural fibres within the nonwoven, woollen or semi worsted spinning production.

Our opening and blending machines are designed in order to meet all these important requirements of the fibre preparation. Within the nonwoven processes, a special line of equipment has been designed providing the following important characteristics:


  •   Flexibility

  •   Ease of adjustment and operation
  •   High productivity
  •   Minimum operative workload


All these features are combined with reliability and robustness that is always associated with the name R&S. Our fibre preparation lines for nonwovens work fully automatic and on the principle of the continuous flow, which allows an efficient process without large storage bins.

These lines are generally equipped with a 3 component blending unit with either e-weighing or e-belt weighing system synchronised with volumetric or weighing feeders. Hence, the material is delivered in accordance with the required blend proportions which are followed by opening machines and card feed silos.


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