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Cross Lappers

R&S's cross lapping machines are designed to take the web coming from the carding machine and to transform the web into layers in a proper and efficient way. High production cards mean high delivery speeds that must be accepted by the down stream machines. Subsequently, high speed cross lapping machines, which are part of our nonwoven line, are required.


In addition, more and more qualitative requirements in terms of nonwoven products' eveness make necessary an accurate correction of the web profile. Cross-wise irregularities induced by conventional systems of cross lapping and consolidation operations ("banana effect") require an appropriate regulation.


All these important requirements are fulfilled by our cross lappers which possess the following features:

  • The web is continuosly deposited in cross layers on a delivery apron, operating at right angles to the linear apron motion.
  • The web is built up with preselected fibre orientation.
  • Variable web weight and width.
  • Electrical adjustable distance between outlet table and layering assembly during operation.
  • Synchronised speeds of feed tables and layering carriages.
  • Rigid frames ensure minimum vibration, allowing maximum mechanical layering speed.
  • Web guiding plates and turbulence deflectors prevent air currents and thus allowing high layering speeds, even for very light web.
  • The layering width can be changed during operation.
Executions of R&S Cross Lappers
Working Widths (mm) Layering Widths (mm)
  3.000 3.500 4.000 4.500 5.000 5.500 6.000 6.500 7.000
2.500 X X X X X X X X X
3.000 X X X X X X X X X
3.500   X X X X X X X X
4.000     X X X X X X X

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