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Vibration Chute Feeder

The R&S vibration chute feeder is an automatic feeding machine for all type of fibres. It allows a continuous feeding for carding machines even with a wide working width. This machine creates an even fibre mat, which is transported to the feed roller of the card.


The feeding is carried out by a material bin with 2 delivery rollers and one opening roller.


The pre-opened fibre flocks fall into the woolbox. The strong armed needle lattice delivers the fibres into the in depth adjustable vibration chute. The vibration speed can be adjusted or automatically driven up according to the infeed speed of the card.


Fibres: 0.9 - 300 dtex
Fibre length in mm: Approx. 15 - 250
Production capacity: Up to 1000 kg/m/working width
In connection with e-weighing belt: CV up to 1%



R&S Vibration Chute Feeder
Drawing RS Feeder with large woolbox
Tandem feeding

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