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Fibre Transportation Ventilators (VLR)

The fan is the main organ in a pneumatic transport system. It can be incorporated in this circuit according to one of following working principles:

  • For exhausting and forcing down
  • For exhausting alone
  • For forcing down only


The low pressure standard R&S fan has been designed to render the best efficiency whatever the textile materials to be conveyed pneumatically.

Available Sizes
Fan for: 250 mm pipes, 500 mm turbine
Fan for: 300 mm pipes, 600 mm turbine
Fan for: 350 mm pipes, 700 mm turbine
Fan for: 400 mm pipes, 800 mm turbine


Casing is made of 3 mm thick welded steel plates, with inspection doors in suitable arrangement for inside cleaning.


The framework consist of welded angle-irons, covered with plate guarding. It contains the motor that ensures stability of the complete equipment, as it is located in the vertical axle of the fan.


The welded, specially shaped wing turbine is balanced dynamically. It is mounted on swivel-bearings and driven from the motor by means of grooved pulleys and V-belts.


The casing can take 16 different positions, no matter whether forcing down is done on the L.H.S. or on the R.H.S.


The air consumption, pressure and power of each type of fan were registered at various rotation speeds, according to existing standards. This enabled to take diagrams of consumption/pressure, required power and efficiency.


Fibre Transport Ventilator (VLR)
Drawing of Fibre Transport Ventilator (VLR)

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