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Feeding Silo (CCH)

The charging box contains a reserve of stock for the card feeder and allows to restrict the variations of level in the hopper of the card feeder.


The charging box is composed of superposed rectangular sections. Number of sections according to the available height in the room. The charging box is fed pneumatically. The top part is provided with trellis. The charging arrangement is composed of two steel plate rollers with fibre carrier angle irons. Both rollers are running at the same rotational speed and are driven by geared motor (0.33 kW).




Proceeding of the automatic charging:

A photoelectric cell is built in the hopper of the card feeder at a pre-determined height. When the fibre material is over that height, the ray emitted by the cell is interrupted. Once the ray can pass through again, the cell gives a contact that lets start the geared motor.


During a period regulated by a switch clock, the rollers convey the required quantity of material into the hopper of the card feeder.




Features of the Feeding Silo:

  • A hand-operated feeding, independent from automatic motion, is always possible.
  • Optional, two additional photoelectric cells in the charging box that give warning in case of refilling or loading stop request.
  • If the charging box is fed automatically by an emptying unit, the photoelectric cell system will control the emptying unit, which will start and stop in accordance with the calls.
Feeding Silo (CCH)
Drawing of Feeding Silo (CCH)

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