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Condenser Cyclone (CYF)

The R&S condenser is intended for extracting air from materials conveyed through the pneumatic circuit. This equipment is also responsible for carrying the fibres on to the feeding sheet of a machine, to an oiling table or into the hopper of a press.


It consists of a perforated drum, whose rotation is synchronised with the flexible transilon sheet placed horizontally under the drum.


The condenser is usually connected to a fan and a filter, which gives the advantage of dedusting.



Working principle:

Due to the suction that passes through the lower half of the drum, the fibrous materials hang on to the depressurised outer surface of the drum. The drum carrying the fibres revolves slowly. Now, the fibres fall from the drum on to the lower horizontal sheet, when they are no longer submitted to the suction action.


The rotation of the drum and the lattice is driven by a 1.1 kW motor with speed reducer, belts and pulleys.



Condenser Cyclone (CYF)
Drawing of Condenser Cyclone (CYF)

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